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Unified solid phantom of whole body (UP-02T)

Unified solid phantom of whole body UP-02T (known as "IGOR").

The phantom is assembled of unified right-angled polyethylene units with mass of 1.0 and 0.5 kg and rod radionuclide sources 6 mm in diameter inserted into them, two sources in each unit. The phantom simulates the build of children of 2, 6, and 14 years of age and adults with the body mass of 70, 90, and 110 kg at measuring in standing, sitting, lying, and sitting-bending positions.

Solid phantoms of persons of different ages are consequently assemled from 130 or less polyethylene units and 260 or less rod sources included in UP-02T set. Units are firmly fixed with each other. Principle advantage of the solid phantom is usage of sealed solid radionuclide sources which delivers the customer from operations with liquid radioactive solutions. Rod sources with different radionuclides can be replaced without total phantom dismantling.

Measurement results proved that yield of gamma radiation from the solid phantom agrees well with similar parameters of widely distributed phantoms containing liquid radionuclide sources: BOMAB (F.Bush, 1949) and REMCAL (Phantom Laboratory, USA). Transformable solid phantoms are convenient for calibration and intercomparison of whole body counters with different measurement geometries.

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