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Characteristics of sources

The phantoms are completed with a set of certified standard solid radionuclide sources in correspondence with the Table. The set of whole body phantom sources covers the whole energy range of gamma-emitters usually detected in human beings.

Phantom Interchangeable radionuclide sources Energy of gamma and X radiation,
Half-period, years
Unified whole body phantom UP-02T 139Ce 166 0.38
133Ba 356 10.7
22Na 511, 1275 2.6
137Cs 662 30.0
60Co 1170, 1330 5.3
40K 1460 1.3-109
Phantom of lungs PLT-02T 241Am 60 432
139Ce 166 0.38
133Ba 356 10.7
22Na 511, 1275 2.6
60Co 1170, 1330 5.3
Phantom of lungs PLP-05T 239Pu 10-20 2.4-104
241Am 60 432
Phantom of thyroid PT-04T 133Ba
(simulator of 131I)
356 10.7
Anatomic whole body phantom with Sr-90 FTS-06T 90Sr in bone tissue
(not interchangeable)
wide range 29.1

Radionuclides in solid sources are fixed on appropriate ion-exchange resins. Total activity of a radionuclide in the phantom is usually 37 kBq and can be modified on request. Standard sources are certified as the first category reference standards of radionuclide activity by the State Centre for Measurement Unity of the Russian Federation.